About Dr. James

Aimee James HeadshotDr. James is an associate professor in the Division of Public Health Sciences

at Washington University School of Medicine and a social psychologist with a master of public health (MPH) degree in health promotion/health education. Her research focuses on cancer prevention and control, health disparities and community-based research. Her program of research examines patient and community perceptions of health and healthcare, and how we can intervene to promote health and help people live healthy lives. Her work focuses heavily on populations traditionally underserved by healthcare institutions and aims to reduce disparities in cancer burden, particularly those disparities associated with socioeconomic or uninsurance. A strong guiding factor in Dr. James’ work is the importance of engaging community members and patients in conversations about the research that affects them.

Dr. James is active in the Siteman Cancer Center’s Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities and leads their Colon Cancer Community Partnership. She is also active in training the next generation of researchers, public health practitioners, and clinician-scientists. She teaches Applied Qualitative Methods for Clinical and Health Research and Ethics in Clinical Research. Dr. James also teaches Public and Community Health Block in the first-year medical school cirriculum’s “Practice of Medicine.” She also leads the postdoctoral training efforts of the Division of Public Health Sciences. Dr. James is Chair of the Behavioral Science subcommittee of the Siteman Cancer Center Protocal Review and Monitoring Committee. She also sits on the medical school committee on admission.

Mind's Eye Radio Podcast

Dr. James was featured on Mind's Eye Radio for writing a podcast on colon cancer prevention and screening in March 2016. The podcast is available in English, Spanish, Bosnian, Arabic, and Vietnamese. Listen to the Podcast here.